Find Reviews by Subject Find Reviews by Publisher. Sonlight Science uses hands-on activites and living books to … Easy Grammar is the full language arts curriculum, and Daily Grams is a series of review lessons designed for completion on a daily basis. Grammar Review by IEW Review BibleRead More In the future I may do reviews of these curricula as well. Language Arts Curriculum Reviews – Please feel free to checkout our language art curriculum reviews. You definitely get your money's worth, from my experience with other language arts … A Reason For… Series. If you have something you would like for us to review, please contact us! Right away I want to issue a disclaimer. I will not be discussing curricula that strictly teaches literature, writing, spelling, or grammar. This is my honest review and answers to FAQ. by Mary Ann Kelley. I am only sharing the language arts curricula that teaches more than one subject. Language Arts Curriculum Reviews. The courses are: Level 1, The Mud Trilogy, features three novels about Mud the fish (from Sentence Island ) written by … The Good & The Beautiful language arts curriculum was created by a homeschool mom with the goals of making an easy, beautiful, affordable, academically solid, joyful, and character building curriculum. The Easy Grammar curriculum is thorough for all students trying to learn basic grammar lessons, but it will not teach your child all of the extended language arts material that comes with some other programs. The six literature courses are suggested for use with specific levels in the MCT language arts curriculum since they become progressively more challenging. Language Arts. Sonlight has their favorites available on their website. January 18, 2016 Homeschool Curriculum Reviews. When I review a product or curriculum, I like to jump right in to the pros and cons so you can get a feel for the product, so here we go: Pros: Logic of English Foundations provides a complete curriculum, if you buy the full package. Math, Handwriting, and electives need to be added. Why choosing the best language arts curriculum matters. We have used it and have used other language arts curriculum as well. Master Books Language Lessons for a Living Education Master Books High School Literature Review (look below the history review) Fit It! ... Sonlight covers history, geography, language arts, bible and science.