This indeterminate variety grows to about the size of a tennis ball and has the look and shape of what most people would equate with a “standard” tomato. So exactly how to grow Early Girl tomatoes? But this is not the feature that shot it to the top of the popularity charts. You need to keep the soil moist, watering on the ground, not in the air, to prevent rot. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. , a medium-sized globe, has been a wildly popular hybrid tomato variety on the market for more than 35 years. Burpee featured the tomato (which Howland nicknamed “Early Girl” to complement Burpee’s successful “Better Boy” variety) on the cover of its 1975 spring catalog. Dry-farmed Early Girls are gaining enormous popularity in California, particularly in the San Francisco Bay area. 10 Must-Know Tomato Growing Tips: 20-page guideGet yours here: © Copyright 2010-2020. But it took a fight to get her into American gardens. According to Early Girl facts, these plants are resistant to most common tomato diseases and pests. You’ll need sturdy supports, either tomato stakes or cages, to hold them because each can produce heavy yields. If your soil is poor, cultivate it, mixing in organic compost generously. Growing an Early Girl tomato crop is easy as long as you plant the crop in organically rich soil. You can start growing an Early Girl tomato plant in large containers, in raised beds or right in the soil. In a Sunset Magazine reader poll, Early Girl was voted favorite tomato in both 1993 and 1997. is valued because it is an early-ripening slicing tomato packed with flavor (not usually a strength with early-season varieties) – but also for its dependability. Moreover, if you plant in spring, they are grown and harvested before the significant pests arrive. His passionate request for PetoSeed to breed a short-season tomato was squelched. You need to keep the soil moist, watering on the ground, not in the air, to prevent rot. Early Girl tomato facts describe the fruit as round and red – the classic tomato. Dry-farmed Early Girls are gaining enormous popularity in California, particularly in the San Francisco Bay area. A deal was made between W. Atlee Burpee Company and PetoSeed for exclusive rights to sell seed for the new tomato. Early Girl is a very early maturing tomato which produces an abundance of tasty, dark red, medium sized fruit. Click here. Get your free copy of "10 Must-Know Tomato Growing Tips." Plants require staking. Early Girl tomato care is easy. Plant the seeds in full sun or, if you are planting seedlings, plant them deep, covering more than half of the stems. Early Girl’s disease resistance and adaptability mean it performs well in almost every kind of climate. Still, Howland believed that a tasty, reliable short-season tomato would become gardener’s gold to the company fortunate to develop and distribute it. With excellent soil, you’ll get fast tomato growth as well as high productivity and easy Early Girl tomato care. Determinate. Sow seeds ¼ inch deep in seed-starting formula. Soil and water: Well drained, moist soil. “If you're usually averse to F1 hybrids,” says one gardener, “but would like to maybe have just ONE reliable early hybrid as a backup in case your OP varieties don't do well, then this is the early hybrid to get.”. Who doesn’t want round, red, deeply-flavored garden tomatoes early in the season? Early Girl Tomato Care. It has a bright colour and good flavour. Buy Bush Early Girl seeds or plants. Une des favorites puisque cette varitéét commence à donner beaucoup de fruits après seulement 50 jours de culture et continue durant tout l’été. Plus Bush Early Girl’s disease resistance is even stronger: VFFNT. Light: Plant in full sun. All rights reserved. Early Girl tomatoes are an extremely popular variety that is one of the most common supermarket and backyard garden varieties in the U.S. Click here, . Maturity: 50 days / 113-170g (4-6oz) in average weight. Fruits de grosseur moyenne et très rouge. Ideally, the soil should be slightly acidic. These days, Early Girl Tomato is developing a cult following among those who favor dry-farmed tomatoes – a technique in which the gardener holds back watering the plant after transplanting to force roots deeper and produce a more concentrated flavor in the fruit. The tomatoes will be ready to harvest in about 50 days. As an extra bonus, Early Girl tomatoes are considered to be especially high in vitamins A and C. . He was proved correct. Their flavor has been placed on par or even surpassing the most-respected heirloom tomatoes. Keep the soil moist at 75 degrees F. Seedlings emerge in 7-14 days. Features: An indeterminate variety produces high yields all summer. In the 1970s, Howland served as chairman of Pan American Seed Company and on the board of directors for PetoSeed Company, the world’s largest supplier of tomato seed for agriculture.