Individual tickets for the virtual event, including the samples, food, and supplies for the activities cost $10, and tickets for viewing without the event kit cost $35. Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news . About five years ago I wrote a post titled "The Science of Coffee", describing a delightful article by Ernesto Illy in Scientific American. Beer is likely the thing that made human civilization possible - humans lacking in-depth knowledge of microbiology did not realize that water contained lots of harmful bugs, a problem beer solved nicely. WATCH: The Science of Beer . When you register, you’ll receive: Exclusive content on the Boréale universe; A first look at our upcoming creations; Invitations to private events; Other members-only goodies; Ready to join? Newsletter. Are you interested in more than just the taste of beer? Science Made Beerable – Wednesday 19 Aug, 7PM – FREE Take the hop-portunity to get weiser to ale the science that gose into a brew with a live-streamed beer tasting event with brewers from Hobart Brewing Company, Shambles Brewery, OCHO Beer and Van Dieman brewing. Cynthia McKelvey, a science journalist and beer enthusiast, breaks down the brewing process for us in a few simple steps. The Science of Beer. Let's go! The science of beer For every dish, a beer Join the Maîtres Buveurs Community. Credit: CC0 Public Domain How high-tech equipment usually reserved for medical research could … Discover what's in your beer, how it's made and marketed and the effect it has on your body and health. Because it has been around as long as civilization has been around, beer may be one of the most studied products on Earth. The experience will include beer samples from the two breweries, bar bites, and hands-on science demos. The Science of Beer. Just answer a few small questions so we can get to know you. RiAus's A Week in Science is here to tell you why it's more nutritious than wine, and what the ancient Greeks and Romans did with it (hint: they didn't drink it). These Golden Panthers meet twice a week, surrounded by jugs of beer … You take the barley, you soak it in water and that's to start the germination or the sprouting process." Let's go! Discovered around 8,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, beer is humanity's first biotechnology venture. Sign up for the Newsletter Sign Up. SCIENCEALERT STAFF . "The first thing you're going to do when you're brewing beer is you're going to … go through the malting process. 30 OCTOBER 2014 . Step 1/2 Personal information. Deep diving into the science of beer. This was serious coffee-for-nerds stuff, and I loved it. Cosmic Variance By Mark Trodden August 2, 2011 5:18 PM. The Science of Beer Analytical chemist teaches students the craft of brewing By Sissi Aguila ’99, MA ’08. by Michelle Wheeler, Particle.