Lucas Cranach the Elder Fundación Banco Santander, Madrid 28.11.2020 - 04:49. Drag'n'Drop images over this area × Feedback on object record ES_FBS_90 . However, he did not spell out specific parameters for how his money was to be spent after he died. ; Width: 208 cm. I assisted these courses offered to senior citizens of the country to receive instruction in the use if computers and social networks. He is widely known as a leader during the founding of the Camarilla. Your name and address: Your e-mail: Your subject: Your message: Send your message × The Sermon of St. John the Baptist. MacArthur told the Foundation's board of directors, "I figured out how to make the money. The TreadRight Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created as a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation’s family of brands. Choose objects with for comparison. Hardestadt the Elder was a renowned Ventrue elder who was already an established figure of power in the Holy Roman Empire during the Dark Ages. usain bolt foundation & jn partner to run for our elders 6th September 2017 – Olympic Champion, World Champion and Jamaica’s most decorated athlete, Usain Bolt has partnered with the Jamaica National Foundation, through his Usain Bolt Foundation, to host the third staging of the Heroes in Action Run/Walk. The elder MacArthur believed in the free market. The Foundation mobilises political will to overcome threats to peace, development and human rights. Compare Images. In these workshops, the elders discover how the computer brings them to their loved ones who are far away, through emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. about 1537 - 1540. The specific location from where Hardestadt originated is not known, although it'ssomewhere around modern Bavaria. Provenance Painted for Alessandro Ludovisi, 1617; Ludovisi Collection, Rome, until 1664; Royal Collection (Collection of Philip IV, 1664; Royal Monastery of El Escorial, Madrid, 1667; New Royal Palace, Madrid, 1814). Delete all saved objects. Delete History. You fellows will have to figure out how to spend it." Susannah and the Elders Date 1617 Technique Oil Support Canvas Dimension Height: 176 cm. The home page of the Kofi Annan Foundation. Thanks to the Fundación Callia’s donation, in the painting “Susanne and the Elders”, by Rubens (c. 1610), one of the 10 most relevant pieces of the Academy, the original colours and nuances which had been invisible with the course of time, emerge again.