Set oven to 350F. Sweet potato may seem like a strange ingredient to make brownies with, but trust me it works really well. The recipe makes about 12 brownie pieces and each serving (1 brownie) has 150 calories, about 13 grams of carbohydrates (2.3 g fibre), 10 grams fat, and 2.3 grams protein. Bake 2 large sweet potatoes until they are soft, approximately 1 hour. This also means it's also adds more fibre to the recipe (this is a good thing because fibre can help keep you feeling full). Published on November 27, 2020. Recipe Adaptations: You can adapt these brownies to your liking, adding chopped nuts, omitting the chocolate chips if you need these to be entirely free of refined sugar, using mashed butternut squash, pumpkin, or any other winter squash in place of sweet potato, replacing some of the mashed sweet potato with almond butter or peanut butter for that nut butter essence…you do you, boo. (Compared to traditional brownies the same size with 280 to 320 calories). Find the full macros and micronutrients below the recipe. WOW. I have soooo many amazing brownie recipes to choose from is the thing. When the sweet potatoes have finished baking, allow them to cool to room temperature. While these brownies are not as chewy as traditional brownies, they are a flavorful, nutrient-dense treat made from whole foods. Add all of the remaining ingredients and thoroughly mix together. Nothing refined, only real ingredients, low sugar, and you can ENJOY them without all the guilt. These are made with a sweet potato base for good carbs without the sugar crash. Some are light while others are decadent but today I bring you a brownie that is both.. Meet Moni Sweet Potato Banana Protien Brownies. After all, it's a devilish mixture of fat and sugar. They are moist and nutty, with just a hint of sweetness. Pretty much my favorite Moni Brownie Recipe right now. Grain-Free Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe. By Judith Steger. They taste so amazing, you won’t believe the recipe includes no butter, no refined sugar, no white flour, and no chocolate… or that they have only 139 calories. The sweet potato is actually an amazing flour substitute. These Sweet Potato Brownies are moist, sweet and delicious. Grate the zucchini into a bowl and set aside. November 27, 2020 0. These sweet potato protein brownies are made in the delicious fudgy-style. Trust us, once you eat them, you would have no idea that these protein brownies were made with sweet potato. The good news is, you can make a more macro-friendly brownie that won't sacrifice on flavor or fudginess. In a large mixing bowl, add sweet potato and mash. A great recipe to make with your kids. There's zero gluten and lots of fiber.