Let us know if you would like to return your trailer and we will send you the address labels. 43. This Product is Not Stocked in Europe. This business model saves you money! Wike Products have a 15 day money back Guarantee. Add to Cart. I was especially excited to test-drive the Thule Chariot CX1 uber-versatile stroller that was provided for my review. Like every other Wike product, this trailer is smooth, stable, and roomy. Do you want another hitch for a third bike? I recommend them highly. All included! I bought the first one in 2001. Ashfield Special Needs are UK specialists of special needs bikes and trikes for Adults and Children. Thoughtfully designed, well constructed, it's a remarkable piece of engineering. Connects to the parent pilot bike with a specially designed hinge located just under the parent bike's seat. Companion cycles allow two riders to cycle together in a sociable way, offering riders who are unable to ride solo an opportunity to enjoy cycling. Mission Piggyback MK2 Folding Adult Special Needs Bike Trailer - 24" $754.00. Home. I look forward to getting the new one with all of the design improvements you have made. We use DuPont Cordura fabrics in our Extra-Large Special Needs trailer. Contains recliner set, side bolsters, head stabilizer, outdoor cover, and carry bag. It is designed especially for children and adults who are not otherwise able to ride a bicycle. Simply send a picture showing the missing/broken part to wike@wike.ca. Mission Piggyback MK2 Folding Bicycle Trailer with 24" Wheels. Add to Cart. ! Wish List. I also wanted to include a picture from a Bike Ride this past June called the Harpeth River Ride where my son and I participated. The Wike Extra-Large Special Needs bicycle trailer is the biggest trailer Wike makes, perfect for older adults or individuals with special needs. With many combinations of optional supports, you can customize the trailer to the individual's needs. Add to Cart. These small cushions help stabilize the occupant. There’s no need to leave loved ones behind when you go for a bike ride. There’s no need to leave loved ones behind when you go for a bike ride. In the case that you loose or break a part, it is easy for us to send you a replacement. Article by CycleTote Bicycle Trailers. Companion Cycles. Ashfield Special Needs are UK importers of disability bikes and trikes for disabled children and adults, wheelchair bikes, wheelchair tandems, specialist disability cycling, companion cycles, side by side bike 07786 801333. $754.00. Contact us for XRover accessory items available! Products also have a one year parts and labor warranty and lifetime on the frame to the original owner. The UK's only dedicated manufacturer of cycles for individuals with special needs. Mission Piggyback MK2 Folding Adult Special Needs Bike Trailer - 24" $754.00. $754.00. For the past few years, they have allowed us to start at the beginning of the ride with Wounded Warriors, Blind Athletes, and others. The quality is excellent and the customer service was wonderful. XRover construction differs from other stroller and trailers. All information collected from our customers is used to ship our products to their buyers. Like every other Wike product, this trailer is smooth, stable, and roomy. Seat Wedge raises the knees and provides extra cushioning, velcros onto the top of the standard seat.This Product is Not Stocked in Europe. This consists of 5" angled foam insert that sits on top of the regular seat plus an angled insert at the seat back. Weight capacity up to 264 lb! This foam cushion helps stabilize the occupant's head. Don't use as a stroller or trailer with the canopy retracted.**. These days I’m especially emotional about the bikes because supply is running out and we don’t know when — or even if — they will come back in stock. We will help your resolve any XRover warranty situation! We got our Adult Special Needs Trailer a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to send you a note saying what an amazing product it is! I have never seen anything like it, and but it seems to be able to handling its task. Since then my son and I have logged several thousand miles with me pulling him in the trailer. The Extra-Large Special Needs trailer is NOT convertible to a jogger or stroller. After ten years of almost weekly use, I finally had to replace my first one. ©2018 by Frank Mobility Systems. Allows the knees to be elevated. This Product is Not Stocked in Europe. Is ideal for an occupant between 4’ and 5’10” tall with a helmet on and having a maximum weight of 150 lbs. Easy positioning without tool. This Product is Not Stocked in Europe. More accessories included! Special Needs - Large - CA$999.00. or/and head stabilizer. Benecykl has a longer history of manufacturing. 53" / 135cm (length) x 34" / 86cm (width) x 48" / 122cm (height), 37" / 94cm (legroom/length) x 26" / 66cm (width) x 37" / 94cm (height). This Product is Not Stocked in Europe. Wish List . Feel free to contact your local distributor: Visit us on Facebook to see 100’s of happy customers! Special Needs Trikes. If the occupant is shorter than 4’, please see. This pair of cushions can be used in conjunction with side bolsters. **The canopy of the trailer should be retracted for transfer ONLY. ©2018 by Frank Mobility Systems.