Snails need water every now and then, so you need to always have water available in your snail farm. A hoe is used for digging in and around the snail farm. What is very special for Helix aspersa is they can adapt to almost any condition and climate, which is why Helix aspersa is so commonly considered as profitable farming. Various snail farming systems: Four basic types of snail farming systems are utilized. While for you, you just need a cage to keep the snails for strolling away. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can also use it to carry snails around when you are sorting your snail pens. This fencer will cover 500 meter of perimeter. Solar/battery powered fence box, specially for snail farming. Irish snail farm based in Galway, exporting escargot internationally.Also helping new snail farms, with advice and expertise. Thanks, Hello Adepoju, please watch the video in this article to see what an intensive snail house construction looks like;, Please this is. A weighing scale is a measuring instrument for taking a measurement of the weight of snails. Shovels come in handy for digging and moving dirt in a free-range snail farm. Some of the materials overlap with the requirements for subsistent snail farming and for pet snails. Snail farming is a good choice for anyone who wishes to start small scale farming, because it is easy to set up, does not require huge investments and is not highly risky. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So, this article will outline all the materials needed for snail farming. November 18, 2020 Mbazu Chibuzor Snail Farming 11. How to Feed a Snail and What do Snails Eat and Drink? These include the use of outdoor pens, inside of controlled climate buildings, inside of plastic tunnel houses or greenhouses, as well as a combination approach involving the use of a controlled environment for breeding and hatching, with snails … Complete 11 necessary equipment for snail farming business. Please send an email to To increase the hatchability of snail eggs, do not pick the eggs with your hand. There is a lot to learn, so you need to be ready to read, learn from mistakes, and most importantly, adapt to your snails. You need to be self-driven and take the initiative. Controlled voltage output, from 4 volts to 12 volts,so will suit all snail farms. I prefer the digital weighing scale because it gives a more accurate measurement of the weight of snails in grams. Equipment needed for snail farming is not much, they are locally available and easy to get. Agro4africa discusses agriculture with the intent that our readers consume the information to become commercial farmers. Especially when the farm is too large to be carrying heavy loads around. These are some personal questions you need to ask yourself before starting your own business: You will need to have a very well–structured business plan and a very long list of tasks that need to be completed. They live across Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and some parts of South America (Mexico, Argentina). Another important use of wheelbarrow is for moving the snail feed from one snail cage to another. These snails can grow up to 45 mm across the shell, and together with their rich flavour the Helix pomatia species is very popular with foodies all over the world. Not to sound too harsh, but sometimes people think starting a business is like a walk in the park. SPECIALLY DESIGNED POWER BOX. If you have been in a corporate environment where you can casually interact with others all the time, share a lunch or meet in a conference room, you may find yourself feeling isolated at home. The climatic conditions of some countries is perfect for snails cultivation, however, some conditions, such as temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight can affect snails’ health and growth. We also supply farming equipment The equipment needed for snail farming are not much, neither are they too expensive to get. Snail farming equipment. Designed to work with 4 bar snail fence. A watering can is a snail farming equipment you can use to spray water in your snail pens. For ease and proper management of your snail farm, use the following equipment. Eating snails dates all the way back to prehistoric times and in Roman times eating snails was perceived as a privilege reserved for the elite. Do you often find yourself thriving when faced with a problem and there is little time to solve it? Challenges will bring changes, so you need to be resilient, agile and very adaptable. Watering can. You need to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Before you embark on setting up your own business of escargot farming, you need to ask yourself some questions. Snails can either be used in gastronomy, cosmetics or as food for reptiles. Everything about snail farming and dining, © 2016-2017, Escargot World, All Rights Reserved. I will reply to you ASAP. A List of 7 Categories of Food for Snails. The most popular edible snail species are Helix pomatia, also known as the Roman snail, Burgundy snail or Apple snail, and Helix aspersa. After picking the eggs, you can put them in a plastic plate containing a soil mixture suitable for hatching the eggs and then cover the lid. Feeling lonely might become a daily thing and you will need to learn how to accept this or find other ways to meet with people. With the right snail farming business plan and quality snail farming equipment this could be a very rewarding hobby. I will be glad to help you with what you need. Plastic buckets are used for carrying water and snail food around the snail farm. It implies environmentally safe production, without causing environmental … The water trough serves as a provision for the snails to drink and bath. Plastic Spoons and Plastic Plates (with lid), A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Build a Snail House, How to Start Poultry Farming for Beginners [The Complete Business Guide], Tomato Farming Process [How to grow tomatoes step by step], Top 10 Crop Farming Business Ideas for 2020, Benefits of Commercial Pig Farming Business. When you are on your own, there is no one looking out for you and helping you do things. Having your own business, failure is inevitable and it might be big or small. 10. The definition of heliciculture, known also as snail farming, is raising snails for human use. The rake is used for cleaning the surrounding of your snail farm. Another time when a trowel comes into work in snail farming is when you are incubating your snail eggs. Equipment for snails farm. It can also use it to turn the soil in the snail pen when searching for eggs under the soil. Benefits and limitations of snail farming Business, How to Hatch Snail Eggs in 6 Simple Steps, How to get rid of insect pests in a snail farm, How to Start and Make Money From Snail Farming Business, Read Also: A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Build a Snail House. Whatever it is, you need to embrace it and accept it. There are analogue measuring scale and more recently the digital weighing scale. You can also use a wheelbarrow to move larger quantities of soil to the farm site. You can also use a plate with shallow depth to serve as a feeding or water trough for snails. Helix aspersa can be found in sand dunes, forests, fields and gardens, which increases Helix aspersa’s range and makes farming them less risky. Snail farming is a good choice for anyone who wishes to start small scale farming, because it is easy to set up, does not require huge investments and is not highly risky. When serving snails crushed foods like calcium, use a feeding trough to put the food so that it does not become moist in the already damp soil. Helix aspersa (Cornu aspersum, Gros, gris, Petit gris, Small grey snail, The Escargot chagrine) is another species which is very popular with foodies. I HAVE STARTED MY SNAIL FARMING IN GHANA AND HAVE LEARNT A LOT FROM YOUR ARTICLES TO ADD TO WHAT I WENT TO STUDY AT THE KUMASI INSTITUTE OF TROPICAL AGRICULTURE. This will guide you step by step on how to successfully run a commercial snail farm. You can use a hoe to dig the floor of your snail pen when searching for snail eggs. The term Escagot usually refers to these two species and is also most commonly used in gastronomy. They are: Feeder: You need are a flat tray, preferably a plastic material; where you serve the food daily. Your email address will not be published. Theme by, setting up your own business of escargot farming, 14 Best Places to Eat Escargot in London in 2020, Escargot Dining – Le Petit Cafe Ljubljana, Slovenia.