hutch box & where can i get to buy, Am highly inspired. Cow I am in the U.S. Fifi contact me. Our company has the ability to supply products directly from the largest farms without intermediaries. If that is possibly, then, we are in business. As far as we know helix group snails are banned in Canada. Only very serious persons should contact me. thank u looking to hear from u soon, You can contact us though the email below. I have agri farming snails business..morthen 32000 snails having but marketable without knowledge so plz help me marketing sum ideas friends plz share..My [email protected] my contract numbers ph:9600938581 from India tamilnadu,cuddalore District.. pleas Kontact me with e-mail for a new CZECH Snail Farm for sales to the USA, [email protected]. contact my line for breeding stock of snails. I’m interest to produce snail as commercial purpose from india. Enquiries: [email protected], cant I start up with a matured snail ready to lay. I’ll be glad to get an email from you showing images of constructed pens for small start-up of my snailry and other necessary information needed. and farming details to my No 9581192919. Vincent, am Martin also staying at also planning of venturing into the snail business.plss kindly send. And what do I do to prevent others from dieing? What do you think? Whatapp no…. . Stanley and Heather Micaleff began breeding snails indoors in a climate-controlled environment in March this year. We are looking for Helix aspersa Muller snails from local farmers. We have a snail factory and looking for local suppliers in South Africa and buyers/exporting worldwide. Availability: Local & Export Markets Send mail [email protected], really want to open a snail company in south Africa in small town called:Potchefstroom whicn the is many snails every where also different snails so can you please help me to order from me in my email:[email protected] or call:0721576611, Hi Klaas For example,   removing or replacing daily food to avoid spoilage. Please get in tou. Pls send me your mail address. We are looking for farmers that can supply us with helix aspersa muller. In spite of being hermaphrodites, they do intercourse with another snail of same species before laying eggs. The Micallefs’ business plan includes expansion up to 26t/ year, while a programme to establish satellite snail farms, in which growers will sell snails that they have raised back to Stanley’s Snails, is also envisaged. I can’t wait to start mine. Thank you very much for the information… Maybe in the near future I will become a snail breeder for future snail farmers who contact you. Livestock farming plays an important role in the Indian economy. Hi plz I am interested in snail farming but during the rain season my area is flood prone can I build the pens on a platform and fill them with rich nutritious soil? With the paddock method, a producer can grow up to 2t of snails a year on 1 000m2 (0,1ha). I want to learn the trade pls. / Snail Farm Begins - The Birth Of A Farm any persons doing snail farming in India?? And secondly structures of Pens for housing the snails. pls sir i need a detail picture of a modern snail pen..thanks for your gesture and time, thank you for this, can I have a picture reading measurements and all other requirements for wooden hatches,,,and do you have contacts in Kenya, am a msc bioinformatics student while after my studies i like to research on snail slime and i am from India , kerala , here in india heliculture snail farming is lack, i want to make a revolution in this field can you help me in this , i want the photos of construction u made in like Hutch boxes Trench pens Mini Paddock pens Moveable pens Free range pensif u dont mind can u mail me the photos to [email protected] ,and i am interested in visiting your farm ,for more information yours faithfully deepak tom jose. hi i can supply you. Have been plaining to start snail farming. Any help would be much appreciated.. my contact number +2348032426950. THANK YOU. There are different kinds of snailery can be built. Thank you! Are you start ur snail firm. I like your confidence.