F. uhdei, apart from tropical ash, is also commonly known as Shamel ash, named after Dr. Archie Shamel who first planted the trees in California in the 1920s, in Fairmont Park, Riverside, being a member of the Parks Commission there (McClintock, 2001). Fraxinus uhdei sometimes called Shamel Ash is a tree that is not native to California. Fraxinus is a genus of flowering plants in the olive and lilac family oleaceae. Grows to 70’ tall, 40’ wide. The tree's common English name ash goes back to Withstands lower temperature with age. Beautiful foot long leaves are divided in 9 glossy green leaflets. Chinese Elm Chinese elm trees (Ulmus parvifolia) in Arizona are … Frost tender at 28° when young. The Shamel Ash is a great desert tree that can grow up to 40 feet in height. The Shamel Ash tree is a great option. The Shamel ash requires pruning and is a high-maintenance, messy tree that drops leaves in the fall. It contains over 50 species of medium to large trees that are mostly deciduous though a few sub tropical species are evergreen. Shamel Ash--More tropical ash from Central America. 'Orange County' Evergreen Ash selection tends to be more evergreen than the. However, the more mature the tree gets, the more resistant to colder weather they become. Most evergreen of ash varieties. They are deciduous trees and most the time will lose their leaves in the winter.