Hornyhead chubs have been found in several water bodies in the Minnesota River Basin including the north and south forks of the Yellowbank River, Monigan Creek, Cobb Creek, Whetstone Creek, … The Creek Chub is tolerant of low oxygen situations, such as those caused by organic and coal mine pollution. Metadata Show full item record. Issue Date: 2011-06. 3 talking about this. Publisher: The Ohio State University. The hornyhead chub ranges from Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, east to the Hudson River drainage and south to Oklahoma. If a 10 inch creek chub or 7-8 inch bluegill catches fish under 25 pounds on a consistent basis and 12-16 inch suckers and carp aren't even bothered, there's a really good chance, a fish big enough to take that size of bait, doesn't exist in that body of water. The Creek Chub and Hornyhead Chub live in gravel riffles and quick-moving runs in small to moderate-sized cool streams. : The Ohio State University. The less common Pearl Dace also thrives in the current of cool streams. The Department has initiated numerous conservation efforts since the early 2000s. School of Environment and Natural Resources Honors Theses; 2011 . In 1932, George Perry caught the world record largemouth bass in Lake Montgomery, Georgia, weighing in at 22 lbs. River Chubs live in the rapid currents of rocky bottomed large creeks and small rivers. Native to Arizona, the roundtail chub is a sport fish with a pesky fighting ability and willingness to take many of the same flies and lures used for trout. Series/Report no. Home > Outdoor Activities > Fishing > South Dakota Fishing Records : South Dakota State Fishing Records: The following list of state record fish is according to the South Dakota Division of Wildlife. Rudolph Hoffman’s state record chub. Creek Chub Baits … the baits that have been setting world records for decades. Creek Chub Spotted Bass Gut Content Turbidity Scioto River Smallmouth Bass. Abstract: The primary objective of this study was to examine the effects of turbidity on fish diet and condition. On-line resource for South Dakota State Fishing Records. In South Dakota, the hornyhead chub is at the western edge of its range. 4 oz., using Creek Chub’s Perch Scale Wigglefish (Smith notes that two later catalogs for Creek Chub list that the fish was caught using Creek Chub’s Fintail Shiner not the Wigglefish, but almost all other sources list the Wigglefish as the lure used).