It would also be a nice boost to Delina DPS - which we all know is rather lacking. A new effect is chosen at random every 50 areas (though it could pick the same one multiple times in a row). Melf's Speedy Supplement: Melf provides one of the following effects at random. Elves like other Elves, right? Fixed. The increase for Elf counts Drow and Eladrin. It doesn't grow large enough by using different genders or positioning 3 slots away compared to what other Support classes offer and the trouble you have to go through to maximize it. Enemy Spawn Speed seems to be multiplicative with Deekin's Confidence in the Boss. Codename Entertainment, creators of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms reached out to Luke to bring Melf into their game. This ability has no gear or feat upgrades. Let’s see where it takes me! I'd rate him higher than Shandie in this respect, because he simply scales to even faster levels with gear. I think CNE divided the Ult Damage by 6 (one for each meteor). He also has little in the way of All Champ% levels. Bonus Adaption: Increases the effect of Melf's Adaptive Support Spell by 100%. CNE - please fix! Having the opportunity to bring Melf into Idle Champions was a real treat for us at Codename Entertainment. It's phenomenal. Normal attack - 1.04e53 (BUD of 2.19e52). Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. Video of Melf + Deekin. Thank you, Psylisa. Righteous Determination doesn't grow with levels, and there's always a 50% chance of it not affecting enemies. It breaks on stage 50, even if you get the same buff on the next 50 levels. Would be nice if this guide could replace the Melf Champion spotlight as a sticky so more people could see it. Melf's Augmented Support Spell – Level 120 Ability. If I find a way to gain this one in a more advantageous manner, I'll update and post! Increase chance of double quest drops by 25%. What's worse is that the extra abilities it comes with don't scale with gear or feats; everything applies to the post-stack value. Upgrades/Feats/Gear that increase Adaptive Support Spell apply to the post-stack value only. All multiplicative buffs will increase one another - AxBxCxbase, rather than being additive with each other first (as in (A+B+C)[base]). Press J to jump to the feed. Elf, Drow, Eladrin all count as the same race for Augmented Support different races. The trick is completing stage 50 and maintaining the same buff as 1-50. Absolute Righteousness: Increase the effect of Melf's Righteous Determination by 100%. Extra Supplements: Increase the effect of Melf's Speedy Supplement by 100%. Melf sees himself as a weapon of weal hurtling toward the heart of the darkest evils in the realm. 50 levels will always have the same buff. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Increase Absolute Righteousness Specialization to 200% (or more) rather than 100%. Not just because we were bringing a legendary character from Dungeons & Dragon's past into the spotlight, but because we try to work directly with the creators of each character whenever possible. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the idlechampions community. This is a multiplicative buff. In-game, the bonus is 50%, not 100% as the blog indicates. Melf's "Broken" RNG is even more busted than that, as it will trigger as "Complete" when swapping him in at a high level after zero uses of him previously. This ability receives no level upgrades. It increases the damage of Champions adjacent to Melf by 100% and that value is augmented based on some other parameters, each of which applies multiplicatively. Just my two cents: I like your take on things because you don’t hold back, and you tell it like it is. Maybe I'm being overdramatic here, but I'm just happy with his speed buff overall. Melf must be in the formation the entire time. These do PATHETIC damage. This ability is buffed by equipment; note if the chance of double quest drops gets above 100% it will then always cause double quest drops with a chance to cause triple quest drops, etc. It also works better than the other speed champions in the 300+ levels between click kills and my wall in that it (I'm looking at you, Shandie). Drow, Eladrin, and Elf all count as a single race. I think it beats out Deekin and beats out Shandie, simply due to scaling via gear. I'm putting this at the top for quick reference.Evil EnemyExtra SpawnEvil Enemy + Extra SpawnMelf's Minute Meteors. CNE: Having the opportunity to bring Melf into Idle Champions was a real treat for us at Codename Entertainment. Either way, it was clearly broken unless I'm misunderstanding it? This is a multiplicative buff. I assume that each guaranteed drop over 100% lowers the value by 100% until you consume all guaranteed drops; the unguaranteed drop then uses the remainder as the percentage chance. Increase the effect by 10% for each unique race in the formation. However, other Support characters usually pack multiple other abilities. No intro today. It gives about a 5e6% gearless, which is what we've seen elsewhere. Melf's Righteous Determination: Melf knows exactly what evil is. This is a multiplicative buff. Melf's Minute Meteors – Level 90 Ultimate Attack. This yields a total of just ~10x. Really, they are 100% worthless. Melf has gear to increase this. Melf's Speedy Supplement – Level 70 Ability. Hmmm. It will not increment past 50. After this ability, it goes downhill quite quickly. Did I? This occurs most often when either Briv skips a level, or Melf is placed in formation at a higher zone area. Yes, it's broken right now. Role: Support Eligible for Patrons: Mirt the Moneylender, Vajra Safahr, Strahd von Zarovich, New section here. I believe the issue with Elf, Drow, and Eladrin counting the same is not exclusive to Augmented Support. Okay... Aside from Melf's Speed ability (which everyone will absolutely want to use as much as possible), Melf is a fairly lacking Support. They are fired when he attacks normally and deal BUD-based damage to all enemies in a small area.