Hot, humid air from the dryer is passed through a heat pump for reuse, conserving much of its heat and using up to 50 less energy. If it’s still not drying clothes all the way, your sensor is likely malfunctioning. To choose the right one, pick a dryer setting that suits the items you put into the dryer. Maytag dryer troubleshooting may take less trouble, time and money if the owner has good manual at hand. On your next load, check that the auto-dry setting is on and evaluate how your dryer is performing. Clothing such as blue jeans, towels, whites and preshrunk items can usually be dried on the "Regular" setting. Diagnosis and repair procedures are included for common symptoms, such as low heat or not heating, noisy operation or rumbling sounds, clothes taking too long to dry, electrical and timer problems, gas burners and electric heaters, drive train and belt replacement problems and other Maytag dryer problems. A feature in a growing number of condenser models, which results in an A energy rating. Understanding Dryer Settings. Regular/Heavy: This is the fastest and hottest setting of your dryer. It's best to use this setting when you're drying white or light-colored clothing. You may select the + Steam setting to add a short steam cycle after 60 minutes to help smooth out wrinkles. Maytag compact dryer installation/operator manual (22 pages) Dryer Maytag Bravos W10150660A Use And Care Manual. Maytag Dryer Troubleshooting. If your Maytag dryer is still not drying clothes all the way, your sensor likely needs to be replaced. ... Level the dryer. Regular/Heavy: High heat and fast drying Use this setting to dry whites, socks, towels, etc. Increasing or decreasing the dryness level will change the amount of drying time in a cycle. Change the dryness level setting on Sensor Cycles. Step 1 Check the manufacturer's care tags in the clothing if you're not sure which dryer setting to use. Dryer settings: Automatic Dry: This is a more energy efficient than a time dry because it causes your dryer to automatically shut off when clothes are detected as dry. Choosing the right setting will prevent shrinkage, fading and wrinkles. Clothes washed in hot water may shrink if the regular cycle is used to dry them. 1 2 load dryer adjust cycle settings, if desired* 5 select any additional options* 6 set up for remote enable, if desired 7 touch and hold start/pause to begin cycle 8 press power to turn on the dryer 3 select the desired cycle for your load* 4 get the maytagtm app and get connected with your mobile device download the maytag™ app. If you will be unable to remove a load immediately, touch WRINKLE SHIELD to add up to 150 minutes of periodic tumbling. Dryer Settings Explained.