Guitars are today’s most popular instrument as they are the absolute definition of modern-day music genres. As I mentioned above, the mandolin’s open tuning is higher than the guitars and can thus reach higher notes than the guitar. Your email address will not be published. Most beginners fear mandolins because the double strings are challenging to make a note. Hence guitars are best for first-time players. There are quite a few differences between a mandolin and guitar. You want to be able to learn from an abundance of learning resources. However, I think that learning the guitar or mando-guitar is ultimately easier because there are more learning resources available for the guitar than for the mandolin. One of the first things I wanted to know when I started playing the mandolin was how exactly these instruments differed. I love the mandolin sound but always felt overwhelmed by the hurdle of learning a new instrument and as such didn’t play my mandolin as often as I would have liked. If you still can’t decide between the guitar and the mandolin, you might consider getting a mando-guitar. Though both of these facts are true about smaller instruments like the mandolin, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should play mandolin instead of guitar. Mandolins, on the other hand, have eight strings and each pair of strings are tuned to the exact same note. I thoroughly enjoy playing my mandolin and think it’s a beautiful instrument. If you want to hear the difference in sound between the mandolin and the mando-guitar, check out the videos below where I play the beginning of Ode to a Butterfly on the mandolin and then on the mando-guitar. For this reason, it poses some problematic situations to beginners, wasting time trying to fix or the whole system fails the apprentice completely. Thus, mandolins are usually more expensive than guitars of similar quality. However, I think the guitar is better-suited for most beginners who are deciding which instrument to play first. But, for people that want to play a mandolin vs. guitar, we have all of the information you need to know. The growth of guitars’ popularity from 16th to replacing lutes in the 18th century did not end there until the 20th century and guitars became a common household name. What is the difference between a 12-string guitar and a mandolin? One of the most apparent differences between guitars and mandolins is that full-size guitars are typically much larger than mandolins. When tuning a mandolin, each pair of the four courses is tuned to the same tune; G-G-D-D-A-A-E-E. Guitars are the most versatile stringed instrument that can play so many genres and styles of music, especially the modern-day jazz, blues country, and others. In my experience, I’ve found fewer learning resources available for the mandolin than for the guitar. What Are The Big Differences Between A Guitar And A Mandolin? This instrument provides a sound and note range similar to that of a mandolin with the number of strings and tuning of a guitar so that a guitarist can play it just like a guitar but get a mandolin sound from it. Mandolins are not even half as popular as guitars; this makes them expensive, and worst if your instrument develops a technical problem, it’s hard to find a handyman to repair the faulty tool. You want to play in a variety of genres and styles and might feel limited by the mandolin’s sound and range. Before you take practical lessons on guitar or mandolin playing, first understand the differences between the two-stringed instruments. Guitars are tuned differently from a mandolin. 12-string guitars have 12 strings tuned in pairs like the mandolin. You’re OK figuring out some things on your own as there aren’t as many learning resources for the mandolin. In fact, it … Here is a quick video if you’re in a hurry. For guitars there are six single strings, the theory goes, the more the number of strings, the harder to play the instrument. And here’s the same tune on the mando-guitar (note the subtle difference in their sounds): I hope I haven’t discouraged you from learning the mandolin. They have a completely different history and sound. Though more and more learning resources are published for both instruments every day, guitar’s popularity means there are simply more resources available for those learning guitar.