Lifelong learning is related to recurrent training available within the framework of the formal education system, but it is not the same thing. Educational research in authoritarian times. skills. Lifelong learners demonstrate ambi- view on education and recognises learning in and from many different environments. International Journal of Lifelong Education, Volume 39, Issue 4 (2020) Editorial . It is a process which commences with birth and only termi nates at death and is then carried on by others in a never-ending continuum. Lifelong education and personal growth. According to employers, certain key characteristics differen-tiate the lifelong learners from the rest of their employees. manent, lifelong pursuit. This approach has now been re-assessed: it presents a limited account of the need for 'lifelong learning'. In addition to the formal education system (kindergarten, basic school, upper-secondary school, vocational institutions, higher education institutions), lifelong learning also includes in-service education and retraining as well as non-formal and informal education in … John Holford , Steven Hodge , Marcella Milana , Richard Waller & Sue Webb . Lifelong and life-wide learning is a concept with broader scope and consequences. Quality Education Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all Education-related targets across the SDGs: Education in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable editorial. Pages: 333-338. The economic justification for Lifelong Learning depends upon two prior assumptions: that 'lifelong education' is instrumental for a further goal; that the goal of lifelong learning is economics-related. Lifelong learning is a priority issue in the United Nations’ development agenda. Development, education is essentially articulated as a stand-alone goal (SDG4) with its 7 outcome targets and 3 means of implementation. lifelong education and lifelong learning are all different with each other, the concerns of both are bound to have differences. Published online: 22 Nov 2020. In fact, the Report of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the post-2015 Development Agenda (United Nations 2013) proposed to “provide quality education and lifelong learning” (ibid., p. … While schools are a vital part of the learning pro cess, they are only a part. Parents, peers, and Education and learning are not synony mous with schools and schooling. The benefits of lifelong education, however, are greatest after the initial hire. 96% of employ-ers said ongoing education has a positive impact on their employees’ job performance.