Russian kettlebell swings generally allow you to lift more weight… Russian kettlebell swing targets your abs, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, glutes, pecs, shoulders, and lats with easy and simple motions. Because of the dynamic nature of the swing the opportunity to overload or injure the body is quite low. Swing the kettlebell very fast. Nearly all of the movement should be in your hips and shoulders. However, the type of kettlebell exercises you do also play a significant role in the kettlebell weight you should use. The ideal is to perform a controlled movement to strengthen the muscles and use another lifting technique that is totally different from the one you usually use when doing dumbbells. But there’s much more technique to it than that. Kettlebell Swings Reason #2 – Lower Loads are Safer. A swing should be punched forward by the hips, not pushed slowly into place. What’s more, the momentum for the forward swing of the kettlebell should come from the extension of your hips and not from the flexion of your shoulders. How to Actually do a Kettlebell Swing. Russian kettlebell swing – the kettlebell is swung forward and up to roughly shoulder-height. It’s more like a plyometric stiff-leg deadlift. First, you’ll need to pick out the right kettlebell weight … If you want to lose weight, kettlebell swings are a great exercise to do. Another benefit that we’re going to be looking at today. The average weight kettlebell women should use is between 6 kg to 8 kg, which will be roughly 15 lbs. American kettlebell swing – the kettlebell is swung up and overhead until the arms are vertical. 2. Break Up The Monotony. For example, if your workout routine includes kettlebell swings, women should use kettlebells that weigh between 6 kg to 12 kg, which is equal to about 13 lbs to 26 lbs. The press or curl are the recommended exercises for beginners. The kettlebell swing exercise is not a combination of a shallow squat followed by a front raise. Kettlebell swings may seem simple—just swing a heavy kettlebell over your head, right? There are pros and cons for both variations. Increased power and strength in your hips, quads, glutes and core directly translate to better athletic performance and explosiveness which can give you the edge you need in athletic competitions. Basically, kettlebell swings are awesome. Kettlebell Swings will significantly increase your deadlifting numbers. If you swings the weight too fast you can cause a pull in the muscle and, therefore, injure you. Is the fact that kettlebell swings are a great way to break up the monotony of regular training. A well-performed swing is ballistic in nature. completing this 4-week kettlebell workout is all it takes to get a six pack and get you stronger and leaner than you ever were before. Such swinging also movements helps an individual to improve his/her grip strength.