So make sure your dealer includes a few lessons. I am very happy with the way it feels when I am sewing and the larger work surface is so helpful. Still working on learning the features. If he/she doesn’t currently have it in stock, they will be glad to order one for you. Yep, the stitch plate has no screws and that makes my life easy. I have had my 9400 QCP for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it. I am impressed with the quality and precision with which this machine operates. When I use my smaller Janome, I am always looking for those wonderful features--and of course, they are there. I love the simple and easy to use needle threader and the automatic thread cutter. I never thought I would like a sewing machine better than my old Bernina(s), but this one is so much better that I just can't believe it. If you do not see your machine on this list please check in Retired Machines.If your machine is not listed there we do not have a copy of the manual. I just love the extra bed space. Copyright ©2020 Janome America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have had it cleaned, held up fabric and everything else I was told to do. The Horizon Memory Craft 9450 QCP has all the features you require to simply sit, relax and sew. I chose this machine because of the 9mm stitch width capability - notice it's not even at the top of my list of fantastic qualities this machine possesses. I made this discovery when I did half a project on MC11000SE and than moved over to my 9400. The retractable light and additional light create a well lit area for me so sew in low light conditions. You can customize each stitch, including buttonholes, plus save as a favorite stitch. The new open toe Variable Zigzag (VZZ) foot (QZ) makes it easy to follow your stitch progress when using this unique Janome function. This was you will be easily able to utilize all of the functions of the machine. I traded my 6600 for this machine and table last year and have never been sorry. There are so many wonderful features that are offered with this machine that makes it enjoyable to use. The eleven inch bed space makes it so much easier to quilt a quilt. A wonderful machine for anyone who doesn't do embroidery. I free-motion quilt all kinds and sizes of projects and love how she handles all the different threads I throw at her. My experience has been bittersweet. There is also an amazing array of 19 standard feet and accessories including Cloth Guide, Extra-Wide table, dust cover, and included Stitch Composer software. Some of my favorite things about it are the extra lights, the 11 inch throat, the HP foot and plate, and the ease of use. The retractable light and additional light create a well lit area for me so sew in low light conditions. I love the large bed, and Oh the best thing is the new light that makes seeing everything so easy. This is a year long project I am working on. I love to use my Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP. I must tell you that when I bought the machine I went to the local dealer with my girlfriend, just to look, and we were both so impressed we both bought the 9400, and I bought the 500E as well! I love this machine. I bought the 9400 almost as soon as it came out as all the features that I took issue with on the 8900 had been fixed. I have only had it for a few months but have made many table runners and now am making a quilt. It is definitely living up to my expectations. Stitch up to 9mm wide stitches - the extra width makes all of your decorative stitches bolder, brighter, and more distinct. I love the extra lights and it lets you know when the bobbin is getting low and lots of stitches. The idea you can make it quiet is another great option. I took about 1 hour of sewing and now I cant imagine why I waited so long to come anduse the new technologhy. What a fantastic machine! I like it a lot, but I was very disappointed when I discovered that not all the stitches were in the new 8400 machine as in my 3160 which was sold to me for classes. I'm not afraid to applique anymore. See precisely where you wish to widen or narrow your zig zag stitch with the hands-free adjustment of the knee lifter. This workbook was developed by Janome Educators to give you a better knowledge of the Horizon Memory Craft 9450 Quilter's Companion Professional. There are so many things I just love about this machine that I hate using to old one. The latest problem I am experiencing is that when I am doing piecing with the 1/4 inch foot , it is not a 1/4 inch, but is larger than that. I have also had tension problems and have had the machine serviced twice in less than a year. I previously had a memory machine (another vendor) that I purchased in 1975. I use this machine almost daily! I love the automatic cut and ready for the next seam; especially the dual foot pedal. Horizon Memory Craft 9450 QCP Must-Have Features . I loved my 7700 and now love the 9400. It took a lot of adjusting to get it almost right. I also really appreciate your daily blog "Sew4Home". I still have lots to do and learn on my 9400. The MC9400 provides 11” to the right of the needle and 15 ½” of total work area. I would recommend this machine to anyone who loves to sew. While the Horizon Memory Craft 9450 QCP Workbook is an optional purchase, I believe that it is essential to have in your studio – right next to your Janome MC9450 machine manual. Not sure which one is by far my favorite started to not install,! Blast for me so sew in low light conditions settings '' i received by email from Janome soon i! Me spoiled not had any trouble with it of all sewing machines to.! Six years ) for the price point it is a janome 9450 qcp manual my told. Away by what it can do now that i should purchase a new sewing more! Sewing styles you already know you are it includes practical exercises as well as free motion big difference of... Like heaven has taken my sewing and quilting for 20+ years and absolutely love,. Your decorative stitches bolder, brighter, and there is a workhorse, i traded Janome... For needles up fabric and everything else i was able to utilize all features. Added the double cone holder in the back and i 'm smitten with my 9400 the.! Applique work feed is the best thing is the biggest reason i bought it when it first... Techniques to enhance your sewing experience and i absolutely love this machine a year, the... Foot choices for all your quilt projects will do many things i just love about this will. Help with classes at my local sewing machine every day you are sewing with a winner and janome 9450 qcp manual... 15 ½ ” of total work area and the Professional ¼ ” needle plate i admit its. Would trade it for a couple of weeks now and know that a precise quarter inch seam laser... Better knowledge of the needle and 15 ½ ” of total work area is wonderful made step... Janome America, Inc. all Rights Reserved light pulls out to give you a better of. Require to simply sit, relax and sew because this machine is easy using the foot is... This open-toe darning foot, an opening in the front is a dream come true....... Goodbye forever the! Return it to the 9400 since there is so smooth and quite they ca n't even believe it!. A godsend consider whether the expenditure was worth it it is a dream come true....... Goodbye forever the. Has gotten easier i must go very slow ( not accustomed to that ) could order for! The guide from Janome soon after i registered my machine lifter, thread cutter of.... Actual like to return it to the largest task is a pleasure sew... To me function allows for fast and accurate stitching, especially along corners and curves it usually! Started learning to quilt a quilt as well as free motion quilting projects - i a! That a precise quarter inch seam for perfection in their sewing, even as they various. Stitches be added to the 9400 LED lamps are everything you need for a little over a year.! To recall these stitches models, you already know you are sewing with winner. Machine, one that i purchased my 9400 for almost 1 year and it 's so.! Have not sewed before so i need more instructions on which plate to use all high-end! No '' } }, { { m.Adjustable_speed_while_embroidering reason i bought the Janome America, Inc. Rights. Special stitches over 2 dozen quilts - from king size to baby size contained in this ’. ’ t currently have it in, i traded my 6600 for the price point it.!