impacts of ecotourism are such as ncrease in conservation awareness among stakeholdersi of ecotourism, improved landscape characteristics and quality, well-preserved water resources, water bodies, and natural habitats, increase in water, air and other environmental qualities. Satellite activities, crafts industries, transportation and food services, and local Governments can then utilize this source of income to run and protect natural habitats. Ecotourism is relatively a new term, first used in the early 1980‘s by Hector Ceballos-Lascurain, […] Mission: Engage, Educate, Inspire • Results 22 households engaged in Community-based ecotourism as “Khata bio corridor homestays, Dalla” under homestay management committee. CHAPTER 7 Below the Surface: The Impacts of Ecotourism in Costa Rica by Sujata Narayan Introduction. The ‘Eco’ in “ecotourism” stands for ecology, which is the study of the interrelationship between living beings and the environment.” Ecotourism is the business of providing vacations and related services that are not harmful to the environment of the area. The template is centred on ecotourism, which is the travel to natural areas for the appreciation of nature, promotion of conservation and sustainable social and environmental development with the help of local people or indigenous communities. Eco tourism, natural resources, cultural heritage, rural lifestyle and an ... and development, its principles, its types, its environmental, social and economic impacts; ecotourism and sustainable development and on the examination of approaches to ecotourism in Turkey and Europe. Ecotourism has a positive impact on the economy of a country as it generates income and foreign exchange from enterprises tour agencies. In this section, the subjects below will be discussed. Ecotourism Society Founded in 1990, Network NGO Dedicated to promoting ecotourism Members from around the world(over 90 countries): tour operators, lodge owners, affiliated businesses, universities, NGOs, associations, professionals, travelers. $10-$13/per day package inclusive of lodging and food Homestay visitors: mostly domestic tourists and some international visiting BNP Average yearly income from homestays was found to be $654 for 2015 Guide services, hotels, and private reserves.