Manual MXL 770. It is widely endorsed for rap vocals, female vocals, as well as voice over and instrument recording. View the MXL 770 manual for free or ask your question to other MXL 770 owners. The popular MXL 770 is a high quality multipurpose condenser mic that vocalists gravitate to for its solid low frequency response and clear high end. At a very low price of $77 (), this microphone remains always at the top of the great condenser microphones to start your home recording with.We all start at some point. You’ll find loads of excellent prospects online for all types of applications. The sheer volume of choices available these days for a budget studio condenser mic are overwhelming. MXL 770 - Condenser Microphone The MXL 770 is an excellent all-round studio condenser mic that delivers a wide dynamic response, strong bass output, and high end boost. To achieve this MXL uses a high-quality FET pre-amp and transformerless balanced output for wide dynamic range and low noise. MXL 770 Review. This characteristic makes the cardioid microphone an excellent choice for many recording applications. MXL 770 Microphone Review: A Closer Look The MXL 770 condenser microphone is a well-known mic especially among those who just want to break into the home recording hobby without breaking the bank. Perhaps the greatest strength of the MXL 770 is it’s versatility. The low end is extremely warm and pleasant, and gives your voice a … More commonly, you’ll see large-diaphragm condensers used for … Home >> MXL Studio Microphones. The MXL 770 is an extremely affordable condenser microphone that is most notable for its versatility and quality to price ratio.. The MXL 770 is a great mic for both the seasoned professional and budding studio beginner, and performs exceptionally well on instruments as well as vocals. It’s a jack of all trades piece that has a very natural sound signature overall. MXL condenser microphones use what is known as a cardioid pickup pattern, which is more sensitive to sound waves arriving at the front of the microphone as opposed to those arriving from the sides or rear. Although the MXL 770 will not sound anywhere close to a premium, high-end mic, it is capable of being an excellent all-round mic for home studio owners and beginners. + Click to Learn More.