The Himalayan white birch has some of the whitest bark of any birch. It looks great singly or grouped for the effect of multiple trunks. If you notice only a few leaves with leaf spots, then you can simply remove the leaves and dispose of them in a garbage bag rather than dropping them on the ground. These Renaissance Birches have beautiful white bark, elegant forms, either as a single tree or a clump, and they have beautiful golden fall coloring. The genus Betula contains a range of 30–60 species. Himalayan birch (Betula utilis) is a perennial tree that belongs to Betulaceae family.In ancient times, the bark of Himalayan birch was used as a paper for writing lengthy scriptures. It is fast growing and has a noticeably better trunk color than the once popular European birch. Some selected forms of the Himalayan birch, Betula utilis, also have white bark. Genus Betula can be deciduous trees or shrubs, usually colouring well in autumn and often with striking white, pink, or peeling brown bark; separate male and female catkins open before or with the leaves in spring . Birch trees (Betula spp.) Unfortunately, so does a tiny insect that causes big problems. Summary Foliage: Dark green, leathery leaves, oval shape with golden yellow fall colour Bark: White bark that peels Height: 25 to 60 feet Spread: 15 feet Shape: Upright, narrow oval and single-trunked with low branches Growth Characteristics: Fast-growing. Native to the Himalayas, it is medium-sized with an open habit and pyramidal shape. Quick Facts. jacquemontii, is a popular and extremely ornamental silver birch. Plant Type: columnar tree. Himalayan birch, Betula utilis var. Young trees have rich brown bark that will quickly change to a gleaming snow white as the tree matures. Details B. utilis var. see more; Family Betulaceae . People love their chalky white birch trees. It bears almost shimmering white bark, which peels each year to reveal a fresh layer beneath. display colorful and textural bark qualities that are unusual among tree species. Its oval, dark green leaves turn gold in autumn before falling. A Guide to Birch Tree Pests & Diseases. Other Common names: White-barked Himalayan Birch. If you are looking for a beautiful, fast-growing smaller tree, your problem is solved. However, since white birch trees are susceptible to fungal infections, you must control even seemingly insignificant problems immediately.