Reply Link. I have fixed the problem. Is the newly released GoPro Hero 8 still compatible with the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter? Bryan Haines Updated August 4 ... Great article but you have to be able to find a mic adapter I bought a GoPro 7 HERO Black no mic adapters to be found anywhere until sometime in July half my writing season will be done very disappointing. 3.5mm mic port lets you add an external mic for enhanced audio; Check Amazon Price. But first, let’s make sure that your GoPro model will accept an external mic. The media pod has not been released so there is no way to add an external mic adapter. I have tried manually updating the firmware on the GoPro, I tested the mic on another device to make sure it works, and I made sure that the input/output settings for the gopro are set to the external mic (I tried standard and + in the settings. Not interested in buying the Media Mod when all I need is external microphone capabilities. How to Fix GoPro Audio Problems: External Mic 3.5mm Adapter Review Accessories, GoPro Tutorials. There are two primary types: on-camera and wired. for example) I perfomed the manual firmware reinstall v1.21 yesterday with the microSD card and resetting setttings but no nice. Cancel reply . GoPro Hero 8. You can easily add an additional mic at the back of your GoPro for added sound and clarity using the 3.5mm mic jack. (the GoPro 7 Hero Black has multiple options to change type of microphones, plugin power, line level etc. GoPro External Mics. To isolate where the problem was coming from I disconnected the media pod and connected my Mic adaptor from my hero 5 and went for a ride and it worked perfectly. For that, you need the Media Mod which incorporates a USB Type-C port, and a micro-HDMI … What GoPro Cameras Accept External Mics? Name * … I have the hero 8 black with media mod and I can't get my Purple Panda lav mic to work. (Media Mod: Camera Mics) There is no option to change or adjust anything. Here are a few external mics to consider. Since the official GoPro mic adapter isn’t angled, it sticks out of your GoPro like crazy and isn’t really ideal in most scenarios. I don’t currently recommend using a GoPro 8 on the outside of the car. I got onto GoPro help and found out that I had to manually update the 8 for the pod to work with an external Mic. The Pro Mic adapter is not recognized. Here are the models that will accept an external mic via the USB port in the side of the camera. Unlike other models, you cannot connect the Hero 8 directly to your TV screen using the HDMI cable. I see there is a USB-C Slot and that means this should fit but I don't know if it's still compatible or not. Leave a Comment. However, many users who want to use an external mic with their GoPro prefer a right-angle adapter that makes the setup a bit more streamlined.