Mushrooms honey-brown, clustered on the ground on buried wood There are roughly 15,000 types of wild fungi in the UK. Volvatae  This serves two purposes: first of all, the previous choices you have made help describe your mushroom.                     Single to scattered on wood; cap smooth and hygrophanous (drying from brown to  11. Dermocybe, Cap & stem dry; gills greenish yellow                          sect. Gills oozing mild, white latex; mushrooms orange to brownish orange or darker Staining yellow with a sweet almond scent. Cap fleshy, stem cartilaginous                                                                XEROMPHALINA, 13. Compacta                                                                                                                              6 Sericeocybe, Cap & stem dry; brownish                                            sect. Clustered on wood                                                             Pleurotus, 13. Leprocybe, 6. Gills decurrent (even slightly)                                                                CLITOCYBE  Membranous ring absent                                                                                5, 4. The key assumes several default conditions for mushrooms: unless specified differently, all gills are assumed to be attached; all gills and stems are assumed to be white; the taste of all mushrooms are assumed to be mild, and their caps are assumed to be smooth. This Key is designed to help you learn how to identify gilled mushrooms common to the Pacific Northwest. Phlegmacium, Cap & stem dry; silvery-blue                                        sect. The mushrooms are grouped by family, so closely related mushrooms are listed together. Cap slimy; stem dry, often bulbous                              sect. Gills brittle, crumbly or gills oozing milklike latex on breaking                               6 Each node in the key is also named, and this should likewise make it easier to keep track of where you are than in a traditional key. Gills short decurrent; mushrooms often in association with numbers of small, whitish, 1. Several genera have few species in the PNW, so they were not included. 4. Gills attached                                                                                                      3, 3. Mushrooms of parks, grasslands                                            sect. Cap fleshy, stem rubbery, bendable                                                       MARASMIUS Cap fleshy, stem fleshy to cartilaginous, small                                                   12, Mushrooms large, at base of trees; stem with white, ‘root’, 12. May occur on ground, wood, or any other suitable, Once grown, many do not decay easily, remaining on the, They often grow on wood, although a few are. Ring on stem but NO cup at base of stem                                                                             4, 4. A key is kind of like a flow chart: at each step you are presented with choices, and each choice takes you to a new place in the key. Telamonia Likewise, spores are assumed to be as rounded as possible, and smooth. For right now, we're just concentrating on the gilled mushrooms and polypores . 7. Cortinarius Singly, high in trees                                                            Hypsizygus or the index to species by epithet Phlegmacium 2.                Mushroom not hard-fleshed And sometimes their pores are so minute that the fertile surface seems solidIn each case, their hard or tough texture is the indication that they are polypores. Gills oozing milklike latex on breaking, Gills oozing orange, red or blue when broken; mushrooms turning greenish on, bruising                                                                                 sect. Albati 2. Gills free                                                                                                     LEPIOTA Ingratae              Mushrooms dry, violet; cap scaly                                          sect. Membranous ring absent                                                                                5, Mushrooms of parks, grasslands                                            sect. Amanita, Cup present, membranous                                            sect. Mushroom leathery                                                                        see SCHIZOPHYLLUM, 1. Gills attached                                                                              PHOLIOTA 10. Plinthogali, Gills oozing mild to acrid white latex; mushrooms often fragrant, caps dry, matte. Minores - the smallest ones, often <5cm. Gills attached to somewhat decurrent                                                        ARMILLARIA