For what it's worth, the leaked images have the "FFXI Mobile" icon in the corner of the screen, so I don't see how this would be a remake on PC. However, I've heard a few times that if you use the hard drive that contains FFXI data on the console it wasnt orginally being used to download it, it may mess up. In my mind and experience with swapping consoles....that doesn't make sense but it doesn't hurt to find ask. FFXI remake. FFXI is FFXI and a remake wouldn't be the same game. i sometimes dream about the memories i had in that game and no other game can even come close. ffxi is ffxi and remakes mostly … Value Description; 0: Disable the console key when the input line is active: 1: Enable the console key at all times: console_screendir. 65% Upvoted. We dont need a remake. An updated client with higher dx version overhauled textures and additional lighting effects would be quite nice but old client would still be accessible and on same servers (like dx9 and dx 11 client for ffxiv) level 1. FFXI Auction House Online. Manages the behavior of the console key when the FFXI input line is active. Monsters pack 4 (1.2 gigabyte download) Important NPCs, cut-scene versions, BCNM etc (ie kam'lanaut, Lion, Cid etc). If SE launched FFXI again pretty similar to how it was in 2006 would you play it? I'm not suggesting this because of simply wanting an online game to be offline, but considering that it and XIV would eventually become "lost" or "unplayable", unlike the other FFs, remaking XI into a single player game would give a lot of fans the opportunity to experience it that missed out on it. This thread is archived. At the very least, they might release this for the 20th Anniversary of FFXI and allow players to link certain things … This page was last modified on 29 October 2017, at 00:17. The community is still good also even on Asura thanks to FFXI not doing any of that cross server matchmaking like other mmos do, plus its kind of a sandbox and has more relevent content now than it's ever had. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Allowed Values. save hide report. 63 comments. Supervixen [Asura] This page has been accessed 4,742 times. share. console_screendir <#> Sets the relative or absolute path for Windower screenshots. FFXI has enough content for a full-blown single player remake.