Add an Oil-Based Cooking Spray. you probably had a lot come off when you peeled the liner back because the cupcake was probably still warm. Avoid using butter. Why? Giving the wrappers a quick spritz of nonstick cooking spray before filling them works very well to prevent cakes from sticking — even if you’re making a delicate recipe or trying to unwrap the cupcakes when they’re still warm. Spray the pan because sometimes the cupcakes come out over the top of the paper. How to stop cupcake liners from sticking. I have also tried cupcake liners both foil and paper. If you don’t have a pastry brush, a paper towel works, too. I have not found a cooking spray that is Whole30 compliant (they contain soy). Do you spray silicone cupcake liners? Well, mostly because it is hard to rub a solid stick of butter all over a small baking cup. The best way to grease a silicone baking cup or mold is first to use vegetable oil, vegetable spray, or a non-stick cooking spray. To add coconut oil to your baking sheet, apply it with a pastry brush and evenly spread a thin layer along the bottoms and sides of the muffin tin. let them cool completely. Muffin and cupcake liners are papers used to contain batter poured into muffin tins. Alternately, you can keep them entirely clean by putting paper baking cups inside them and just using the cups for structure. no, do not spray cupcake liners. Pre-Whole30, cooking spray worked great! One of the most common greasers to use when baking is cooking spray. Last night I tried ramekins instead of the muffin tin and they still stick. Also, the chances are that you will always end up using the former method since most paper cupcake liners are cheaper than a set of fancy foil liners. Grease your wrappers. Fully greasing and flouring these cups is not necessary, but you might consider spraying them with some sort of nonstick cooking spray. Thanks! ---Whole30 #2, Day #2 a little bit will come off but not that much to worry about... nobody will notice or care. No need to spray the paper though. Most store-bought muffins and cupcakes come in liners. Do you know of a compliant cooking spray? Do you have any tips? Better safe than sorry! But do you really need liners to bake a successful muffin or cupcake? There are a couple of ways to prevent sticking: 1. Do you have to grease silicone baking cups? Made of paper or foil, they are usually corrugated and are often decorative. For this, you can either use two of your regular paper cupcake liners for extra support, or you can use a foil liner, which is made of a stronger material than paper.