During peak sunlight hours, the use of drapes or blinds is recommended. Subfloor must be flat – 3/16" in 10' or 1/8" in 6'. It is warm and it has a cork underlayment. Continue to end of first row. Proper expansion space (1/4”), 6mm is required. Step 4: Lock long edge of plank by inserting tongue into groove at an angle and drop in place. All subfloors must be clean, flat, dry and structurally sound. Learn more. FOR TILE INSTALLATIONS: The distance between end joints should be equal to 30cm for proper appearance. Installation of 6 mil Poly Film Underlayment is recommended for floating applications only. Do not fasten wall moldings and or transition strips to the planks. in 24 hours. ANY GAPPING CAN COMPROMISE THE LOCKING SYSTEM! A. Maximum operating temperature should never exceed 85°F. Post installation ambient room temperatures should be maintained between 55° - 85° F. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, doing so may result in discoloration. Coretec Stone is the perfect DIY flooring. must be structurally sound and must be installed following their manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not apply sheet plastic over wood subfloors. Tile patterns must be installed in a staggered (offset) brick pattern. Installation - Floating or Glue down - installed on, above, or below grade. For best visual effect, shuffle planks or tiles from several cartons and do not install similar planks or tiles next to one another. Optional over wood substrates – do NOT tape seams. Step 1: Begin installation working from left to right. Step 6: Attach a scrap piece of floor to bridge the gap between ends of planks. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Inspect all planks for damage before installing. Basements and crawl spaces must be dry. Do NOT install over wood floors adhered to concrete. CoreTec Stone saves you on floor preparation, meaning if your floor is flat then you can install this right now as well as installation costs, again depending on your market most click-together … COREtec Stone provides stunning realism and the integrated grout lines match your floor perfectly, without making a mess. Here is not where Coretec stops to provide value to you. If installed over a second underlayment, this underlayment cannot be greater than 3 mm thick. Step 2: Lock short end of plank by inserting tongue into groove at an angle and drop in place. If the product passes these tests, a GreenGuard® product certification designation is awarded. Iona COREtec Stone Tile (VV567-18242) comes in tile and planks and is 100% waterproof, pet-proof, kid proof, and GreenGuard Gold Certified, with attached cork underlayment. The system must be on and operational for at least 2 weeks prior to installation to reduce residual moisture. Coretec Stone Flooring is a champion when it comes to maintenance. Use cementitious patching and leveling compounds that meet or exceed maximum moisture level and pH requirements. DO NOT SAND, DRY SWEEP, DRY SCRAPE, DRILL, SAW, BEADBLAST OR MECHANICALLY CHIP OR PULVERIZE EXISTING RESILIENT FLOORING, BACKING, LINING FELT, ASPHALTIC “CUTBACK” ADHESIVES OR OTHER ADHESIVES. is stunningly realistic. A material such as ram board can also be used to protect your flooring.​. Tap long edge with hammer and tapping block to lock long edge. COREtec Installation Easy to install. of 70 degrees (21.1°). If alternative adhesives are used, a bond test should be performed to ensure compatibility. Do not use tape to secure floor protection directly to the floor during construction or renovation. COREtec Stone provides stunning realism and the integrated grout lines match your floor perfectly, without making a mess. Formaldehyde is used in manufacturing for its binding properties. It adds strength and durability to the plank, which allows COREtec to offer longer warranties, even lifetime warranties for residential installation . Step 2: Use hammer and pull bar to lock short end of plank. Floors shall be smooth, permanently dry, clean, and free all foreign material such as dust, wax, solvents, paint, grease, oils, and old adhesive residue. Local building codes may only establish minimum requirements of the flooring system and may not provide adequate rigidity and support for proper installation and performance. Those savings alone are HUGE for people who love the look of ceramic tile. Consumers have legitimate worries about the release of volatile organic vapors after installation. Existing sheet vinyl floors should not be heavily cushioned and not exceed more than one layer in thickness. Its innovative snap and click installation process enable you to avoid all glue and nails from your place. Use clear tape to tape the seams together when installed over concrete substrates. GREENGUARD GOLD Certified®. Step 5: IMPORTANT! Always wear adequate eye protection and safety masks. Underlayments – Product has an attached pad, an additional underlayment is not recommended.