Better yet just go on Angie’s List and find someone. There was no moisture or direct sunlight that their inspector said caused the product to cup. Want waterproof flooring with the insulation that COREtec seems to provide since it can be chilly down there. COREtec Plus floors are better than most LVP, being made exclusively from low emitting virgin vinyl and being coated with a zero-VOC natural oil. Here are some COREtec Plus flooring options to give you a sense of different varieties to purchase. We live in a humid climate but have ac on most of the time. I haven’t installed anything yet, but am reconsidering the Coretec based on the comments here that it is susceptible to scratches–I have 3 Shih Tzus, and one of them likes to scratch and “nest.” Am I better off getting the cheaper LifeProof option or Coretec? Scratches and dents everywhere. It is the only standard COREtec vinyl that does not have attached pad. I’m very disappointed. This LVP flooring looks and feels more realistic than its competitors, and it is at the higher end of the market when it comes to quality. We plan on using more cortec at the farm. I just had COREtec Floors installed as they were highly recommended by my builder. Watch little stones stuck in shoes because it will cause little marks. Fingers crossed. We want the beveled plank look as that is what makes it look more realistic and somewhat match the hardwood we have had for 25 years. If you want to contact me for pictures, feel free to do so. The rep says that if the floor ever gets wet, you need to remove it and dry it before reinstalling it. COREtec vinyl plank flooring is made by US Floors and sold online and at flooring stores. I love to go bare foot and it feels like walking on sand. I agree about the scratching. I will continue to find a solution. Our floor is.very dark and yes, it shows every bit of dirt. Sorry I bought it. Many of the features have been highlighted above, so here is a summary. It does have dark areas as well, so I made black walnut thresholds into the surrounding rooms and it matches very well. In addition, COREtec Plus has done a lot to deal with health and environmental issues often associated with LVP flooring. I just called the consierge service for Shaw and was told that I need to remove the floor, dry it out and reinstall it. Shortly after it was installed, my sump pump backed up. I chose a dark color to work well with our fireplace colors, furniture, as well as muddy feet. Thanks. My friend put Wal-Mart laminate in her mobile home twenty years ago that looks great and never had a problem. You need a professional. Also, my dog has already scratched it up. The flooring company has stated we can only make one claim. Solid wood floors, cared for properly, can have a lifespan of well over 100 years. Also my biggest concern is hollow sound or clicking sound when walking on it. In that process a couple boards were removed. Thanks for helping! OK. I am removing laminate I had on my floors since 2006 due to water damage. I’ve had my Manila Oak Cortec for almost a year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Same here. They asked all kinds of questions which I answered honestly including how I cleaned the floor, how often and with what. I don’t know what is in this stuff and what am I breathing from the out gassing? We are also considering the Cortec Plus HD. 3 dogs. We will look at its features and styles, how much it costs and where to buy it, plus everything related to the installation, maintenance, and warranty consideration(s). A: Not at this time, although there are a few online retailers that sell and ship COREtec online. Lower price point all same thickness etc. Our first call to the rep we were told there would be a $1200 restocking fee, which we feel is unfair considering the problem is with the product and it was not apparent on their provided sample. This stuff is incredibly easy to scratch. On a new build and so much floor, ya just wanna be happy! We removed our hardwood flooring due to scratches from our dog. When I turn the board 90 degrees with the long side running under window along baseboard, and the sunlight hits it, the pattern is barely noticeable. Your options here are Pro Plus and Pro Plus XL with 73” planks. VERY VERY disappointed in the product. Cost is a little high, and the thickest wear layer is 20 mils. I don’t know why people on here think they can drag appliances across ANY FLOOR and not leave damaging marks or scratches. I have installed many floors. I appreciate your feedback! I hope someone can fix this problem for you. – we like the matte finish for a shiny finish looked horrible with constant sunlight (glare). The flooring is suppose to be somewhat scratch resistant. On co rete slab, have dragged furniture around as and holding up well so far and no scratches. No pets and just the two of us and a grandson before and after school. I installed this exact same flooring 2 years ago and I can honestly say it was money well spent. We are remodeling after Hurricane Florence in NC, trying to make the right decision for our floor, small living room, kitchen combined around 500 sq. I recently built a new home and did all Cortec Plus through out. I do use the suggested products. Flooring company came back out and now it looks like the wear layer isn’t there and the color layer is dusting off. So even on my light laminate floors, I could see my footprints. I have two small dogs. I have a southern view and get a lot of sun. I don’t have the problems many have mentioned. The indentations in the floor that make it look more like real wood get filled with dirt so it’s discolored. Less than 6 months later there was some cupping. Flooring will be last in our remodel, so don’t expect a quick review. It seems if you go with a darker color you see more marks from shoes and water spots. We just priced out some core tech plus today for 1450 sqft…. Hi Jacqueline, in 2016 we installed a glued down, dark Mannington floor which showed footprints, dirt and water spots immediately after mopping. Are you still happy with it? We were told to use Armstrong Once ‘N Done for cleaning purposes with just one of those stick push pads like E-cloth or Norwex. It looked great! We also hate this flooring!! It still looks great!! It could be expense, or it could be durability, heating, or moisture concerns. Hoe has that worked out? Your options for these top-of-the-line Pro Plus Enhanced Planks and Tiles are: Where to Use COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Luxury Vinyl Flooring. We have lost over 10K. I recently put down the coretec northwoods oak vinyl floor … Biggest waste of money i spent , disappointed in this floor shows every little mark …sneakers, slippers , everything …. Typically with the tiles you need to do a 3-4-5 triangle and start in the middle of the floor and work your way out. I wish I could post photos of the floor here so you could all get a look at what has happened. Every time I clean it wet it looks great. Also, we had our floor professionally installed. You are better off installing it by yourself than using a flooring contractor… unless the installer has done a few LVP floors previously. Now, just a few weeks after family moved in,e the floors are splitting and giving out underfoot. I am thinking of installing COREtec plus ivory coast oak very light in my Florida home. I am currently considering either CoreTec Plus HD or engineered hardwood. We are having the same problem with our COREtec floors. In 2014 we replaced the disgusting carpet on the ground floor with Coretec LVP. – way better than the wood we replaced (remember- two large dogs) The term “Enhanced” means the LVT and LVP has been beveled on all four sides and painted. Cortec plus was installed and when I spot cleaned the area, it left a streak area where it was spot cleaned. It holds up so well under traffic and 2 dogs as well. The 100% waterproof, pet and kid proof sounds awesome. It is more durable than wood flooring, so it will not scuff and scratch as easily under daily use, and it is water- and heat-resistant. What has been your experience with that so far? If you’re willing to pay a bit more than the standard Plus planks to get an upgraded appearance, the Plus XL planks are a good choice. How has the Coretek HD held up since your review December 2018? We are getting ready to replace the second floor laminate with LVP and it WILL be Coretec.