7. Mariners Astrolabe. The exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes long and students are required to answer 55 multiple-choice questions, 3 short-answer questions, 1 document-based question, and 1 long essay question. most directly undid the trade patterns mentioned in the first paragraph? Gobolts123. The AP World History: Modern Exam will test your understanding of the historical concepts covered in the course units, as well as your ability to analyze primary and secondary sources and identify patterns and connections that can support a historical interpretation. 1. ... AP World History Guide and Practice Test: File Size: 2454 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. ... Carrack. Ancient Shark Tank Resources. AP WORLD REVIEW SHEET BY EMPIRE MORE DEPTH: File Size: 12 kb: File Type: docx: Most adopted from other areas of the world: Caravel, Carrack, Fluyt, Astrolabe, Global winds and currents, Cartography. History. AP WORLD HISTORY UNIT Transoceanic Interconnections 12–15% AP EXAM WEIGHTING ~22–25 CLASS PERIODS 4 c. 1450 to c. 1750 21 College Board AP World History: Modern Course and Exam Description Course Framework V.1 | 73 NAME: AP WORLD HISTORY: MODERN REVIEW GUIDE PERIOD 1: REGIONAL AND INTERREGIONAL INTERACTIONS (C. 1200 TO C. 1450) UNIT 1: THE GLOBAL TAPESTRY Explain the systems of government employed by Chinese dynasties and how they developed over time. And, their time expired, if any man remains there, he is imprisoned.". All content of site and practice tests copyright © 2017 Max. Course Overview. 1870 C.E. 5. 79% average accuracy. Play this game to review World History. Questions 6-9 refer to the following information. Period 4 AP World History Test DRAFT. Much of Unit 3 and Unit 4 in AP World History: Modern focuses on the expansion and evolution of existing empires via technology and administrative systems. The description of the route Portuguese sailors took in the first paragraph most directly supports which of the following historical developments? In addition to the sources of silver mentioned in the first paragraph, the greatest volume of additional silver came to China from which of the following regions? blevins14. AP WORLD: MODERN. Improvements in existing technologies specifically those that revolved around gunpowder, and communication helped strengthen, expand and transform new and existing empires. You can still use prior questions to practice, however DBQs will have more than 7 documents, the LEQ prompts are worded differently, and the rubrics are completely different. Based on your knowledge of world history and the map, which of the following best characterizes British involvement in the Indian Ocean between 1750–1900 C.E.? Carrack Ship. Lateen Sail. 3 or 4 mass sailing ships built in Europe, and were the largest of the 3 european ships. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Played 360 times. ... AP World Review Items for Mr. M period 4- 1450 to 1750 CE 69 Terms. Carrack, sailing ship of the 14th–17th centuries that was usually built with three masts, the mainmast and foremast being rigged with square sails and the mizzenmast rigged with a fore-and-aft triangular lateen sail.Sometimes a square sail was hung beneath the bowsprit forward of the bow, and topsails were hung above the courses on the mainmast and foremast. This test contains 9 AP world history practice questions with detailed explanations, to be completed in 9 minutes. 1. 4. New Tools of Empire. All content of site and practice tests copyright © 2017 Max. A carrack or naus was a three- or four-masted ocean-going sailing ship and was developed in the 14th and 15th centuries in Europe. 3. For many centuries dhows had carried slaves from eastern Africa to Arabia, Iran, and India. Lateen Sail. 10th grade . I could of asked for AP Government, I got recommended for APUSH, but I chose not to take either of these courses. Edit. *AP & Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this site. **The AP World History exam was revised in 2017, so any questions from before then are not representative of the current exam format or rubric. Edit. AP World History: Modern Long-Essay Question Strategy, AP World History: Modern Document-Based Question Strategy, AP World History: Modern Short-Answer Questions Strategy, AP World History: Modern Multiple-Choice Questions Strategy, What You Need to Know About the AP World History: Modern Exam, AP World History: Modern Full Practice Test 1, AP World History: Modern Full Practice Test 2, AP World History:Modern Essay Writers pdf download, AP World History Practice Test with Multiple Choice Questions download, AP World History: Modern period review: 1450-1750 C.E. AP World: Modern Overview; POST CLASSICAL (1200-1450) EARLY MODERN (1450-1750) MODERN PERIOD (1750-1900) CONTEMPORARY PERIOD (1900-PRESENT) AP WORLD PEOPLE TO KNOW; RIP AP WORLD HISTORY.