Ethics and the Tourism Industry. As tourism is booming, this increased awareness of the ‘footprints we leave behind’ is a much-needed development. Too often, tourism development is planned without consideration of the local environment's or community's needs and characteristics. Tourism is known as one of the leading and growing industry over the world as it contributes more than 20% in global economic output. This essay will look at the issue of ethics in the tourism industry, highlighting the need for responsible tourism; what instigates responsible tourism; related approaches to responsible tourism; companies that promote responsible tourism; set guidelines for tourism and then conclusion. 19.5 persons work in the tourism sector (11.9% of jobs) and this figure is definitely bigger in Greece. The Ethics Of ‘Travel Snitching’: The Tourism Industry’s Latest Plague . In western societies over the last few decades, an increased recognition that the world’s … There are four areas of concern in the ethical pursuit of tourism. If, as we have seen, health, safety@ and accessibility issues are neglected, travel and tourism may threaten the public interest. INTRODUCTION . Tourism is a globalized business activity, thus facing growing challenges in terms of fairness and ethics. The tourism industry has begun to recognize this. In the last decade, ‘ethics in travel’, ‘sustainable travel’ and ‘responsible travel’ has received increased attention from both travelers and the travel industry. Efforts are underway to develop a Global Code of Ethics for the industry. Around 20% of the total workforce in Greece works in the tourism industry either directly or indirectly 1. THE TOURISM INDUSTRY OF ETHICS AND TOURISM ... aspects such as business ethics, marketing ethics, and accounting ethics, but discussion of sustainable tourism ethics and the moral appropriateness of sustainable tourism in various contexts is somewhat muted by comparison [Fennell, 1999]. Determining the role that has been played by ethics in travel and tourism sector. The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate business ethics climate of hotel enterprises through the eyes of tourism students. Answer : Organization Selected : Citizen Advice Bureau. Too often, it is simply assumed that more tourism is desirable. An ethical treatment of the environment When showing off backfires.