Prudy’s Problem and How She Solved It by Carey Armstrong-Ellis - Prudy has a problem and needs a solution. He decides to follow his heart and helps the chicken escape. Dad’s advice is to make an enemy pie, but it will only work if he spends the whole day with his enemy. After almost being eaten by a big fish, Swimmy works together with a school of fish to frighten off the big tuna. Reinforces the themes of communication, relationship skills, friendship and letter writing. The wind in Iceland is so strong a group of women decide to fix the problem. They end up having so much fun the boy doesn’t need the pie. When Floyd got his kite stuck in a tree he throws his shoes to dislodge it. In this selection of books you will see characters who: Your email address will not be published. Farmer Brown’s cows type him a letter demanding electric blankets. with problem and solution plots allow your students to see the problem being introduced, how the character(s) try to solve it and a related problem before they finally see how the issue is resolved. As he reaches the top of the hill, the wind reveals the moon from behind the clouds. Why did [character’s] idea work in the end? A boy and his dog accidentally find a fossil that comes to life. Reinforces themes of determination, problem-solving and creative thinking. A boy’s life changes for the worse when Jeremy Ross moves to town. Designed by Visibilia Media. She walks around her village to find items to weave with, but only finds colourful plastic bags. Mentor Text Picture Books to Teach Problem and Solution. But, the next day Farmer Brown gets a note from the ducks demanding a diving board for their pond! Promotes gender roles, independence, self-esteem and strong female characters. Does a thinker have to be brave, risk-taker….? Today, her parks and garden can still be found all over this green city. Stop Guessing teaches 9 main actions you need to… Using knowledge to solve problems independently. This becomes a problem for a boy when he hosts a dragon taco party and the spicy salsa is mislabelled! Harold, a fox, is challenged by his father to catch a chicken. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As the bags pile up she decides to cut them into strips and starts weaving them, producing a rainbow fabric. Promotes community, generosity, responsible decision-making and perseverance. Discover new children's books on Epic. He wonders what his friends will think of him inviting a girl. Was this the best strategy? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The narrator tries to persuade a mouse to share the red, ripe strawberry it has just picked. Stop Guessing: The 9 Behaviors of Great Problem Solvers by Nat Greene. Will the tactic work? A great picture book to show cause and effect in action. One night he smells smoke and stretches his body around the house trying to wake the family. Your email address will not be published. When her teacher, Mr Slinger, confiscates the purse she plans her revenge. Is there anything they could have done differently? For 162 days Cap’n Duffy tugged the stinky garbage around until it disposes of its smelly load back in New York. Plus, the main character is adorable. Use this wordless book to teach about plot, problem and solution, inference, and cause and effect. Ernest the moose is so LARGE he can’t fit inside the book. With a bit of thought his friend, chipmunk, comes up with a solution. His dad tells Jabari that he feels scared too, and sometimes after a deep breath and telling himself he is ready, the thing stops feeling scary and feels like a surprise instead. When her music teacher reveals she is naming her baby Chrysanthemum, everyone wants to change their name to a flower. Unloveable is a FANTASTIC story to introduce problem and solution because the students can really connect with it. Peter writes a letter to Amy inviting her to his party. Rather than running for safety, she saves all the seeds from ruin. What strategies did they use? Were they creative in their thinking? skills. Max is banished to his room without supper because of his behavior and falls asleep only to … Elizabeth happily skips into the sunset by herself. The mouse hides, disguises and locks the strawberry away. Promotes gratitude, relationship skills and cooperation. Piggie rushes to her best friend, Gerald, for help when a big guy takes her ball. Looking for books on teaching problem and solution to your students? This bilingual book promotes perseverance, recycling and problem-solving. The king disguises himself to learn the true nature of both girls and chooses Nyasha, the kind and generous daughter, to be the queen. Ada Twists scientific curiosity leads her to question, hypothesise, experiment and figure out how the world works. No one can figure out what is wrong until Camilla realises she needs to just be herself not bow to peer pressure. Did you know dragons love tacos but hate spicy salsa? Mouse heads off alone but ends up lost with his map that can’t help him. Trixie’s father helps her solve the problem, and it results in a fantastic new friendship. He excitedly breaks more rocks, revealing more fossils. Duck takes an ultimatum from Farmer Brown to the cows and they agree to exchange the typewriter for the blankets. Promotes themes of curiosity, inquiry, knowledge and creative thinking. 50+ Books for Modeling Comprehension Strategies, Letter of the Week Book Lists & Letter Packs. Reinforces themes of acceptance, caring, courage and problem & solution. She draws a mean picture of Mr Slinger but soon feels remorse and sets out to make amends. The ox-cart arrives full of seedlings and the driver asks her to care for the ox. Beekle longs for a child to imagine him and give him a special name. After being saved, the family accept Ralf for who he is even if he still gets in the way. He waits, and waits, and wait until all the waiting starts to drive him crazy. View the Teaching Problem and solution collection on Epic plus over 40,000 of the best books & videos for kids. He makes the decision to help the sad star get home., but wonders how to do this. Max wants to say goodnight to the moon, but there’s a problem he can’t find it. Promotes environmental issues, respect and responsible decision-making. Teaching Problem and Solution with Books Understanding problem and solutions will help your students develop positive relationships and develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills. They go on strike when he refuses their demands. Ixchel wants to continue weaving tradition of her Mayan community. None of the other animals like Alfred, but in the end he meets a friend who loves him for him. King Bidgood enjoys having a bath so much he won’t get out. He makes a star shape in the garden and the stars lift their little friend home. Ralf is always getting under everyones feet no matter what hr does.