Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes is fit for easier deployment, management, and scaling containerized applications through Kubernetes on AWS. The AWS Trusted Advisor is a helpful online instrument for real-time guidance on the provisioning of resources. AWS PrivateLink is one of the prominent mentions in a new AWS cheat sheet. Neptune is a graph database service that is fully managed, fast, and reliable. Amazon Polly helps in the conversion of text into lifelike speech. In this article, we will be sharing the AWS Security-Specialty cheat sheet so that it will help you in the preparation simulator. AWS Amplify is a recent addition in AWS glossary after 2017. These entries in the AWS cheat sheet inform about an important aspect of AWS landscape. Cloud computing helps in centralized data storage and accessing computer services and resources. It helps in modeling and provisioning cloud application resources effectively. It is a managed cloud service for secure and easy interaction of connected devices with cloud applications and devices. This AWS product is still in preview. The QLDB is also in preview and can come into AWS services cheat sheet very soon. This entry in AWS glossary is recent, and it is a serverless event bus. A unique addition to the modern AWS cheat sheet, the Amazon Chime is a communications service. The following products are visible in the updated AWS cheat sheet 2019. Cloud9 is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for writing, running, and debugging code. Other Technical Queries, Domain Going through this cheat sheet will make you ready to start with AWS. Macie is a security service in this AWS cheat sheet that is an ideal security tool. Tools and SDKs on AWS help in accessing and managing AWS services with desired development platform or language. AWS IoT Device Defender is an ideal AWS product for fully managed services to secure the collection of IoT devices. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. The App Mesh is a service mesh for easier application-level networking and communication between services across various types of infrastructure. AWS is still known for being the pioneer in providing affordable cloud infrastructure and services on a large scale. The different AWS services are ideal for: The AWS services cheat sheet is incomplete without an illustration of individual products in each service category. If you want to access only the relevant cheat sheets for the specific AWS exams that you are preparing for then check out the Tutorials Dojo Study Guide and Cheat Sheets eBooks. The AWS well-architected tool is used for reviewing the state of workloads and comparing them with the latest best practices in AWS architecture. This AWS CLI commands only reflects on a tiny share of commands. Amazon Macie. Lumberyard is the free cross-platform AAA game engine with prominent integration with Twitch and AWS. So, AWS has also introduced certain products for supporting analytics tasks. AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service of AWS for easy centralization and automation of data backups throughout the AWS landscape. The ML tool of AWS is the right entry in the AWS cheat sheet. Amazon Kinesis is a prolific tool for collection, processing, and analysis of real-time streaming data to obtain insights and take decisions on time. IoT Device Management in AWS cheat sheet is ideal for easy onboarding, organization, monitoring, and remote management of IoT devices at scale. Amazon Rekognition helps in easier addition of video and image analysis to applications. EC2 provides virtual servers capable of giving scalable computing capacity on the cloud. The communication between different regions involves the public internet. rpm -ql’: obtaining a list of utilities in a package. It is a fully managed continuous delivery service for automation of release pipelines. Macie is a security service in this AWS cheat sheet that is an ideal security tool. AWS IoT Analytics is an ideal tool for running and operating comprehensive analytics for massive volumes of IoT data. Shield is a type of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mechanism which is fully managed and protects applications on AWS. The new Console Mobile Application on AWS cheat sheet 2019 is helpful for users to view and manage a specific set of resources. Macie uses machine learning for automatic discovery, classification, and protection for sensitive data in AWS. EC2 Auto Scaling is a reliable tool for maintaining application availability and automatic addition or exclusion of EC2 instances. AWS Codestar helps in quick development and deployment of applications on AWS. Apart from the basic terminology related to AWS, the cheat sheet shows the ideal foundation to start using AWS.